2014 Halloween Offer introduction~



For celebrating the Biggest Event of this year, we will have a SPECIAL offer for all of you!!!



PERIOD: noon Sept 09th ~ noon Oct 24th 2014 (Hong Kong time)


2014 offer


Further Descriptions about the Halloween Offer:


For US , CA, UK, Germany, Australia customers:

1) Any purchases over 300USD, free shipping by Premium Express!


For the following other European countries & Japan customers:

*Including : Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, Denmark, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland.

1) Any purchases over 300USD, 50% off discount shipping fee to upgrade your shipping method to Premium Express!



1. Resellers’ accounts cannot enjoy this offer.

2. The amount of ‘purchase’ does not include shipping fee. And the cosplay props items will be shipped separately by Standard Shipping if you order it with other items.

This Halloween Offer is applied into our system already, so you just shop as usual, while the shipping fee will be counted automatically in the shopping cart. (*^__^*)



Frequently Asked Questions Section:


Q: When will this offer start & end?

A: This offer is available from noon 09th Sept 2014 to noon 24th Oct 2014. (Hong Kong Time)


Q: Can I use coupon for the order?

A: Yes, of course. Just simply input your coupon code in the shopping cart, click ‘Update Cart’ and ‘Checkout’, then it calculates automatically. (*^__^*)




Q: I’m a reseller, can I get this offer with my reseller account?

A: No, this offer will not be available for reseller accounts.


Q: If I order the cosplay props with other items, can I enjoy this offer?

A: No, since the cosplay props are big & need special protection while international shipping process, so all cosplay props will be shipped out separately by Standard Shipping from other items, so cosplay props cannot enjoy this Halloween Shipping Offer,and Cosplay Props amount is excluded for Halloween offer.


Q: Why there are nothing changes for my order?

A: Please check your country’s offer from the above Offer Table, and make sure your items price reaches the offer level; if everything is correct, but cannot get the shipping discounts, please contact us at Support Center and let us check for you directly.


Q: Can I order with my friends and get this discount?

A: We ship 1 order (package) to 1 shipping address only. So, if you buy costumes with your friends, please make sure you put down 1 shipping address only.


Q: Can I pay extra shipping cost to split my order into 2 shipping address?

A: No, 1 shipping address for 1 order only.


Q: I want to order from “Full Cosplay” category. Am I possible to get Halloween shipping Offer?

A: Yes, of course! Just shop as normal, and make sure your purchased items price reaches the offer requirements.


Q: Can I buy from ‘70% OFF Special Offer’ category?

A: Yes. Any purchases from our website can enjoy this offer.


Q: If I make 1 order from different categories (e.g. Ready to Ship products + Cosplay Costumes/Wigs), will I receive them separately in 2 packages?

A: No, we will ship all your items in one package, 1 package for 1 order. (*^__^*)

*As our website mentioned, only the cosplay props will be shipped separately.


Q: What can I do if I have further questions?

A: No worries, just put your questions in the ‘Comment’ box below, we will check all comments daily, and answer them in this post directly; or, you can simply submit tickets to our Support Center. n_n





Haruhi Suzumiya Cosplay from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, United States

Sailor Moon Cosplay from Sailor Moon, Japan

Sailor Moon Cosplay

Cosplay: Sailor Moon Cosplay from Sailor Moon

Event: Comicket Summer

Country: Japan

Year: 2014

Holo Cosplay from Spice and Wolf, United States

Holo Cosplay

Cosplay: Holo Cosplay from Spice and Wolf

Event: AnimeFest

Country: United States

Year: 2014

Loki Laevatein Cosplay from Kamigami no Asobi, United States

Kurapika Cosplay from Hunter X Hunter, United States

Kurapika Cosplay

Kurapika Cosplay

Cosplay: Kurapika Cosplay from Hunter X Hunter

Event: AnimeFest

Country: United States

Year: 2014

Hitagi Senjogahara Cosplay from Bakemonogatari by Kessy

Hitagi Senjogahara Cosplay

Hitagi Senjogahara Cosplay from Bakemonogatari by:

CosplayFU Customer Kessy

P.S.: Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get additional 10% off discount.

Nia Teppelin Cosplay from Gurren Lagann, United States

Nia Teppelin Cosplay

Nia Teppelin Cosplay

Cosplay: Nia Teppelin Cosplay from Gurren Lagann

Event: AnimeFest

Country: United States

Year: 2014

Kiku Honda (Japan) Cosplay from Axis Powers Hetalia by Lexi

Kiku Honda (Japan) Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Lexi(United States)

"Thank you this is such an amazing costume, definitely buying from again."